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Notes and questions and answers for prisoners in Taipei prison

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  • Last updated:2019-08-30
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  1. What is the purpose of the new investigation conducted by the supervisor when the custodian enters the prison?
    Description: In order to understand the personality, psychological status, health status, ability, social background, education level, family environment, professional expertise, religious beliefs, entertainment interests, criminal passages and causes of each host, as a discipline, assignment and progressive The basis for the encounter. In addition, you will be informed of the environment and due rights and common compliance matters, so that you can serve your sentence with peace of mind.
  2. The custodian enters the prison for serving the sentence, and if there are no children in the family who are not cared for, how can I ask for help?
    Note: In addition to reporting to the prosecutor of the procuratorate under command, the supervisor will also take the initiative to announce the new investigation. During the period of serving the sentence, the custodian can request assistance from the disciplinary staff at any time. The supervisor will contact his residence. Social organizations in the localities go to their homes to find out whether their minor children are properly cared for, and inform the asylums about the follow-up and economic assistance, so that they can serve their sentences with peace of mind.
  3. What is the purpose of taking pictures when the prisoner enters the prison?
    Description: Produce the personal identification document of the inmate, the identification of the name and the information, the documentary evidence of the release of the prison, and the certificate of the supervision.
  4. What is the purpose of the Psychological Test Questionnaire when the supervisor is admitted to the prison?
    Description: To enable prisoners to understand their intelligence, personality, and professional interests through psychological tests to provide reference for prisoners, supervisors, and partners, so that the recipients can obtain the most appropriate training.
  5. How can the helper ask for help when the host is homeless before he leaves the prison?
    Note: For the class occupants, in principle, they can report to their respective correctional personnel three months before the imprisonment, and the supervisor will contact the rehabilitative protection meeting of the place where the rehabilitated person is registered (residential place), and give appropriate placement when he is in prison.
  6. When a survivor comes out of prison, there is no car to return home?
    Note: On the day when the rehabilitated person is discharged from the prison, the contractor will investigate whether there is any money in the deposit card. If there is no or insufficient amount to return home, the rehabilitation will entrust the supervisor to pay the fare and meal expenses to return home.
  7. If the host is a person with physical or mental disabilities, his family members cannot come back to return home when they are in prison. How to solve it?
    Note: In principle, the custodian can report to the disciplinary staff three months before the supervision. The supervisor will arrange for the escort to return home on the day of the prison.
  8. What assistance is provided to the employment information of the asylum seekers after they leave the prison?
    Note: The supervisor will provide employment information and employment counseling for the Employment Expo and the Rehabilitation Protection Association to help the prisoners who are about to leave the prison to facilitate their employment.
  9. When a surviving person emerges from prison, he has an emergency and is seeking a pipeline?
    Note: Rehabilitated persons can make requests to the Rehabilitation Protection Association to which the household registration is located. Rehabilitation will provide appropriate assistance according to the individual case status, such as entrepreneurial microfinance, assistance in drug rehabilitation, employment training, assistance in schooling, returning to school or transfer (with students) Identity, resettlement, medical expenses, emergency assistance, etc.
  10. Medical related items that should be carried when the custodian enters the prison
    Note: Please bring your health insurance card, relevant diagnostic certificate, prescription, medicine bag, and complete packaged medicine for reference when you receive the new receipt.
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