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Taipei Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice,  is a correctional organization established under the Ministry of Justice to fulfill the following six responsibilities:

◆ Educational services

(including:after-care, protection, rehabilitation, volunteer, and religious,etc)

◆ Skill training

(including:cultural, art, horticultural, farming, printing, vocational, and computer courses,etc)

◆ Livelihood provisions

(including:meals, clothing, lodging, education, and entertainment,etc)

◆ Health care

(including: outpatient service, treatment for special diseases, public benefit treatment, vaccination, check-up, and disease reporting,etc)

◆ Guard and control

(including:performance assessment, meeting, and cultivation of discipline,etc)

◆ Investigation and classification

(including:photo-taking for new inmates, background investigation, tests, and employment assistance,etc)

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