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Operation Responsibilities

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Duties of the Investigation Section:

  1. Guidance for inmates.
  2. Direst and indirect investigations.
  3. Examination on the physical and mental conditions of inmates.
  4. Classification and custody of inmates’ fingerprints, reviews, and proposals.
  5. Contact with discharged inmates and after-care business.
  6. Other investigation and classification matters
調查科業務職掌照片01 調查科業務職掌照片02

Duties of the Edification and Education Section:

  1. Persuasion, education, and assistance for inmates.
  2. Review of progressive corrective measures for inmates.
  3. Proposal and report on giving parole and withdrawing parole and on subjecting an inmate to discipline.
  4. Literary and art activities for inmates.
  5. Guidance to inmates assembly and to their separated control.
  6. Arrangement of other organizations for educational, speech, and religious activities.
  7. Subscription to and management of newspapers and compilation of publications.
  8. Other Education Section matters.
教化科業務職掌照片01 教化科業務職掌照片02

Duties of Business Section:

  1. Guidance of skill training for operation.
  2. Select operation types and make operation plans.
  3. Purchase, bookkeep and arrange storage of operation materials.
  4. Manage operation courses, evaluate performance and determine payments.
  5. Manage operation contents and teaming for inmates.
  6. Draft operation contracts.
  7. Perform purchase, dispensing, keeping, examination and maintenance of operation equipment and tools
  8. Asset, sell and keep productions.
  9. Manage and grade performance of operators.
  10. Any other matters regarding to operation.
作業科業務職掌照片01 作業科業務職掌照片02

Duties of the Sanitation and Health Section

  1. Instruction of hygiene plans and facilities.
  2. Prevention of infectious diseases and training of medical care.
  3. Physical and mental examination of inmates serving prison sentence and special inspection.
  4. Inmates serving prison sentence’ psychological evaluation , psychotherapy ,consultation and medical treatment.
  5. Management of patient ward.
  6. Inspection and instruction of environmental sanitary.
  7. Medicine dispensing ,reserve and management of medical instrument.
  8. Prevention and care responsibility of substance abuse.
  9. Inmates serving prison sentence’ escorting for treatment ,medical parole ,report and notify of inmate’s death.
  10. Other matters concerning about the physical ,mental ,health care and protection.
衛生科業務職掌照片01 衛生科業務職掌照片03

Duties of the Guard and control Section:

  1. Guard and control of inmates.
  2. Control keys.
  3. Training and assignment of wardens.
  4. Use, practice , and custody of weapons, guard tools, fire-fighting equipment communications gear, and surveillance instruments.
  5. Supply, storage and allocation of food, clothing, bedding , and other daily necessities.
  6. Implementation of sanitation measures.
  7. Inspection on the behavior of inmates.
  8. Conduction of meetings, receiving and delivery of letters and sent-in articles.
  9. Inspection of ward and workplace conditions.
  10. Admittance and discharge of inmates.
  11. Preparation for rosters and IDs.
  12. Taking custody of deposited articles.
戒護科業務職掌照片01 戒護科業務職掌照片02

Duties of the General Affairs Section:

  1. Taking, delivering, drafting, and keeping of documents.
  2. Keeping and using of seals and chops.
  3. Budgetary and cashier affairs.
  4. Construction and maintenance of buildings.
  5. Food management, storage, and auditing.
  6. Planning and supervision of fringe benefits for inmates.
  7. Posthumous affairs for inmates.
  8. Business not belonging to other sections.
總務科業務職掌照片01 總務科業務職掌照片02

Duties of the Taoyuan branch of the prison:

The branch affairs.

Duties of the Personnel Office:

  1. Personnel appointments.
  2. Performance evaluation.
  3. Retirement and relief cases.
  4. Training, advanced studies and participation in conferences.
  5. Health insurances and fringe benefit affairs.
  6. Other personnel affairs.


Duties of Accounting office:

  1. Preparation matters for the financial statements.
  2. Preparation matters for the annual revenue and expenditure budget allocation.
  3. Preparation matters for financial reports and semiannual report.
  4. Preparation and audit matters for payment statements and accounting books.
  5. Counting fixed assets and petty cash of operations fund.
  6. Reimbursement and preparation matters for payment statements of operations fund.
  7. Supervisor inspection of operations fund.
  8. Preparation matters for financial reports of operations fund.


Duties of Statistics Office:

  1. Comprehensively manage the statistical matters and concurrently handle information matters.
  2. Inputting and auditing of inmates statistical data.
  3. Compiling and auditing of the monthly and annual statistical reports.
  4. Making statistical charts about prison.
  5. Matters relating to statistical survey.
  6. Contact and management of information matters.


Duties of the Government Ethics Office:

  1. Formulating the rules on the ethics of this organization.
  2. Publicizing the law and regulations related to government ethics.
  3. Preventing and probing the irregularities of this organization.
  4. Proposing reforms on this organization's ethics matters.
  5. Participating in this organization's performance evaluation for purpose of reward and punishment.
  6. Safeguarding this organization's secrets.
  7. Other matters related to government ethics.


Duties of the Committees:

This prison has set up a number of Committees. The most important one is the Parole Review Committee. It is composed of 7~11 members. The superintendent, chief of the Edification and Education Section, and chief of the Guard and Control Section are its ex officio members. Other members are recruited by the supervisory organization. These recruited members are scattered in the fields of psychology, education, sociology, legal affairs, criminology, and prison science. Also included are impartial personalities in the community. All parole cases must been approved by the committee.
It is stipulated that the prison may also establish the following committees:
  1. A directional committee on investigations and classification.
  2. A directional committee on education.
  3. A directional committees on work.
  4. A directional committees on health and sanitation.
  5. A research committee on corrective measures.
Members of all these committees are not paid and the are recruited the superintendent of the prison form among the scholars and experts in society.
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