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Key points governing the application for home visit

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Taiwan Taipei Prison

Key points governing the application for home visit

The key points of Taiwan Taipei Prison and Rehabilitation Institution governing inmates’ application for home visit were announced in a letter dated September 16, 2005, bearing the file number of Taipei Prison Guard 0942700140.




There key points are prescribed according to Paragraph 1 of Article 26-1 of the Prison Sentence Execution Act, taking into consideration of the reality of this prison.


An inmate may make an application if he finds it necessary when one of his grand parents, one of his parents, his spouse, or one of his siblings dies. The application must be made in person to the General Affairs Section of this prison together with the following documents:



two copies of application.



a copy of guarantee (signed by two guarantors).



two original copies of the death certificates.



two copies of domicile transcripts or domicile registry (if the deceased is not included in the same domicile registry, two copies each should be submitted).


The inmates applying for home visits are limited to those whose homes are accessible by means of transportation that allows them to return to the prison by seventeenth o’clock.


The inmate applying for home visit must meet the following conditions:



For inmates serving a prison sentence:



The execution has reached or exceeded half a month for a one year sentence or less.



The execution has reached or exceeded one month for a sentence of one to three years.



The execution has reached or exceeded two months for a sentence of three to six years.



The execution has reached or exceeded three months for a sentence of six to nine years.



The execution has reached or exceeded sixth months for a sentence of nine to twelve years.



The execution has reached or exceeded one year for a sentence of more than twelve years.



The progressive penalty for a term or life sentence has moved up to at least the third grade.



The inmates who are sentenced to detention are not subject to the restriction of imprisonment if the detention is converted to labor.



An inmate who is subjected to rehabilitation can apply for home visit after at least one month in the institution.


The application by an inmate shall not be approved if he has one of the following conditions:



The offense is cruel and great rancor exists between the offender and the victim.



The applicant has complex social relations which might have a bad effect on security.



Before being admitted into the prison, the applicant has joined a gang, and after entering the prison, connection with the gang has continued, which might have a bad effect on security.



The applicant has a record of escape, his emotions are not stable, and he might make another escape.



He has seriously violated the prison rules and is still in the period of penalty, or in the recent year he has breached the rules twice.



He has a grave disease, chronic disease, or communicable disease and, according to a doctor’s diagnosis, is not suitable to return home for a visit.



A rehabilitation measure has been declared for the applicant and execution of the measure is not completed.



The applicant is involved in another case which is under investigation or trial.


The returned inmate shall wear shackles according to law.


The visit shall not exceed one hour, not including the travel time.


If the inmate does not meet the conditions of Item 4 of these key points, but his behavior in the prison is good with no record of breaching the rules and therefore he is of no risk to security, he may submit a report or an application for a home visit to the head of the block for relay to the superintendent for approval notwithstanding Item 4.

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