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About Video Visitation

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About Video Visitation
  1. Exposition: Taipei Prison receives order from Ministry of Justice then start the “Video Visitation" official functions in Jan. 2004, to approach the aim of service for people. The prisoner’s family members use the video conference equipment from facility of correction where the prisoners located at, can visit the prisoner in long distance. The prisoner’s family members won’t exhaust from long travel to visit prisoners who are in prison or detention.
  2. Procedure:
    1. Filling the application form of “Video Visitation” the form can take from the information desk of Taipei Prison or download form the web site of Ministry of Justice. 
    2. The application should enclose the relate documents which is meet the prisoner’s require, e.g.: house hold I.D. or official copy of house hold I.D. , both side copy of personal I.D. and the application form and select a proper section of time, use registered letter or facsimile to the facility of correction where the prisoners located at. After pass the examination will inform the applicant about the arrangement of visiting time, date. The applicant receive the inform should attend to the facility of correction where receive the application of video visitation, then take personal I.D. and the application form to make a video visitation.
  3. Applicable to: The prisoner’s spouse, direct, within 3rd degree of collateral relatives by blood and 2nd degree of relatives by marriage.
  4. Timing: From every Mon.to Fri. afternoon, the visiting time will be from 14:00 to 16:30, the prisoner’s family members could apply for half hour per time.
  5. Contact tel. No.: official concerned tel. no: (03)319119 ext.2308, 2310, 2311. Fax: (03) 3504663 Miss. Jenq, guard & protect section.
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