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Processing businesses on hire-1.introduction

This prison carried the following business lines: ironsmith, carpentry, sewing, food processing, farming, horticulture, pottery, and laundry. Besides, this prison is commissioned by outside businesses to make paper bags; assemble clothes hangers, hair clips, roller pens; and process tea containers. Realizing the importance of skill training to the correctional effort for inmates, this prison applied to the Ministry of the Interior for the establishment of the Taiwan Taipei Prison Affiliated Vocational Training Center in as early as March 1980. Since, it has cultivated large numbers of technicians in different field to meet the need of society. Beginning in 1982, it has entered into cooperation with the vocational training centers, vocational senior high schools, and folk-art studios to provide different training courses. They include lathe and milling machine operation, welding, interior wiring, dress-making for women, industrial wiring, ceramic art, Japanese cuisine, food baking, French cuisine, Shanghai snacks, Taiwanese snacks, home-style flour food, and meat delicatessen. In recent years, this prison has actively adjusted the training courses by taking into account its geographical advantage. The lathe operation was changed to bakery. At the same time, short-term training courses are offered to enable participants to land jobs or start their own businesses in society.



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